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Trying to use libphonenumber-csharp NuGet package

I would like to format a phone number. The program could be run anywhere in the world, so should format phone number for local standards.

I found the C# port of Google's The C# version is at

I got NuGet installed, and did:

PM> Install-Package libphonenumber-csharp

It added a "packages.config" file to my project:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <package id="libphonenumber-csharp" version="" targetFramework="net40-Client" />

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and that's as far as I've got. From here I'm not sure how to access the functionality of the package. The tests in the source code say I should be able to do something like:
            PhoneNumberInfo phoneInfo = null;

            phoneInfo = LibPhoneNumber.DoFormatAndFindRegion(@"+41 (0)31 388 10 10");

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One thing is my project is Visual Basic and this is a C# package.
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One thing is my project is Visual Basic and this is a C# package.
That doesn't matter. The project could be written in IronPython, and you would still be able to use it (provided the version of .NET in use is compatible). When .NET languages are compiled to assemblies, such assemblies contain intermediate language (known as MSIL--Microsoft Intermediate Language). Any .NET language is compiled to this. This allows the .NET runtime to run code that was written in any .NET language.

As to your issue, are you importing the namespace at the top of your code file?
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I'm not sure what the namespace is I need to import. I tried various Import statements but Visual Studio complained about all of them. I tried:
Imports libphonenumber-csharp
Imports libphonenumber.csharp
Imports libphonenumber
Imports GlauxSoft.Phone.NumberUtil

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Which test are you looking at (i.e. the stuff you mentioned in your original post)?
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I found it. (Yet still not sure how to use it.) Tests are at:

I can do:
Imports PhoneNumbers

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with no complaints.

But still not sure what I can do. I can almost do:
Dim formatter As AsYouTypeFormatter = phoneUtil.GetAsYouTypeFormatter("ZZ")

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but Visual Studio complains it doesn't know what phoneUtil is. I'm trying to find an example of where that gets instantiated.
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I've had some success with the following code:
        Dim phoneUtil As PhoneNumberUtil = PhoneNumberUtil.GetInstance()
        Dim formatter As AsYouTypeFormatter = phoneUtil.GetAsYouTypeFormatter("US")
        Dim x As String
        'x = formatter.InputDigit("1"c)
        x = formatter.InputDigit("8"c)
        x = formatter.InputDigit("0"c)
        x = formatter.InputDigit("5"c)
        x = formatter.InputDigit("5"c)
        x = formatter.InputDigit("5"c)
        x = formatter.InputDigit("5"c)
        x = formatter.InputDigit("1"c)
        x = formatter.InputDigit("2"c)
        x = formatter.InputDigit("3"c)
        x = formatter.InputDigit("4"c)

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I guess as with much of great code there is little documentation making the code much less useable.
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(I'm having trouble closing this question. Website technical issues.)

I found some of the solution myself, however comments by others were helpful in jogging my imagination as I sought a creative solution.