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W7 outlook remote app (xp mode) as default email client

A customer got office 2013 online from microsoft, multiple hours of support later just to get it downloaded, it was realized its not compatible with sbs2003.

Upgrade server - not the answer
Different version of Office - not the answer

Apparently the online retail version has no downgrade key option.

It also has no component option, its all the package or none of the package.

What I did was install outlook 2003 from the SBS to the xp mode VM.
Copied the shortcut to the start folder

So the user has access to outlook, everything is fine and good there.

How does one tell windows 7 that the default email application is the Outlook 2003 (remote)?
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8/22/2022 - Mon
Davis McCarn

Get the properties for that shortcut and put it here in the registry: http://www.pctools.com/guides/registry/detail/1263/


"What I did was install outlook 2003 from the SBS to the xp mode VM"

So you have an XP VM with Outlook 2003 on and Windows 7 Machine?

If so, you really cant.
Bet way to think of this would be to think of them as two seperate PCs

If both outlook 2003 and outlook 2013 are installed on the same Windows 7 Machine
Outlook 2013 is automaically set as the default

Default programs you can only choose to Set "Outlook" as your default client, so there is no real option to choose which version of Outlook

Also if both version of outlook are installed on the same machine, the user is quite likely going to run into compatibility issues as well as issue when the user tries to install updates or service packs for the Office Suite(s).

And when such issues do arise, shold the user try to get support from Microsoft
They will not support it as multiple or mixed versions of office are not supported

Unfortunatley, theres not alot of options here.
Im not really sure its practical to rule out a downgrade at this stage as this is likley your most plausible solution
Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.

This is the retail copy so there is no downgrade option.

there has already been 5 billable hours invested just in microsofts public side support transfer and hold system.

I may try the CLI option, but when I made a .bat from the shortcuts properties it wouldnt run, Im assuming it needs a syntax tweak to run that way
Davis McCarn

Did you try the default mail handler registry entry I suggested?
And/or, you do know that Outlook 2003 will work fine in 7, don't you? (As in no VM needed)  Now installing it on top of Outlook 2013 may be a different story....

Sorry, was not suggesting there is an downgrade option in 2013 down to 2003.

Let me clarify

If you have office 2013 installed and you have outlook 2003 installed
You must have the install media for Office 2003?, somewhere right?

If you have this media, uninstall Office 2013
Id probably also uninstall Office 2003

Then Use your Office 2003 MEdia to re-install all of Office 2003

And ONLY use this office 2003 suite

I understand this may not be the ideal solution for the customer as they have purchased office 2013 and now it will just be sitting in a box on the shelf

But if outlook is not compatible with SBS2003, its pretty much useless
Outlook 2013 and 2003 will not work together installed on the same machine

Ideally research should have been done before the purchase to ensure its compatibility
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research was done I knew the incompatibility, it was just one of those timing thing, he went on to purchase another office 2010 copy, and they DC is so all that was there was 2013 so i had him purchase it, not thinking.
We dont have any legitimate keys for 2003 or we would still be installing it.
The registry key thing seems like its going to be the only option, though figuring out what the correct syntax is may present a problem, or does the command shell not execute the same way as the .bat command line?
It would not be an issue I dont think if office was modular and I could just remove 2013 outlook, but keep the rest

If you don't have any legit keys for 2003 how did it get installed on the machine? If the keys aren't legit, would this not Also make the installation of outlook 2003 non- legit as well

2003 sbs provides outlook
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