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SonicWall NSA 2400 drops WAN every 10 minutes with new ISP


I just recently switched from Windstream (bonded T1) service to Comcast cable.   Everything was working fine, except the SonicWall NSA 2400 drops WAN every 10 minutes.  The only way to get the internet back is to reboot the sonicwall  or disconnect/reconnect the ethernet cable from the sonicwall to the comcast modem...but it only stay on for 10 minutes and drops again.    There were never these issues with the Windstream T1.....Any ideas???
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Are you using the same Ethernet cable as before? Could it be damaged?

I am most suspicious of the new Comcast modem. Maybe try another cheap firewall for half an hour if you have that option.

However, the easiest and best test is swapping out the Comcast modem if Comcast is willing to do so.  You have new service (Business Class, I hope) and they can be pretty willing to make new installations work especially when they are replacing a competitor.

 - Tom
Please check if you have "Inactivity Disconnect (minutes): 10" unchecked.

Go to Network -> Interfaces -> Configure -> Protocol and in the middle of the window, uncheck the Inactivity Disconnect.
MTU settings?

Is it 10 minutes exactly on the nose?  Is it all traffic and affects all local clients?
Are you using PPPoE?
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That is good to know, thank you for posting the solution
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I was able to research/figure out the problem