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Google Apps email exceeding 25GB limit

What is the solution for someone who has over 25GB in mail and uses Google Apps for Business Paid?  It seems like the delegate account solution is one where you create another account, and allow delegation to happen and then move your archived data from to

Is there a better solution while we wait for Google to lift the hard limit of 25GB?  I know it's hard to fathom that someone's email can exceed the given limit but I've had to clients whose email size has exceeded and even surpassed the hard limit.  These clients of ours are attorneys who require to keep email for long periods of time.  These clients of ours also utilize iPhones and iPads and smart phones in a mixed environment which also usually accesses email via Google Apps.
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First thing that comes to mind is save off the attachments..
JPG, BMP, MDB, XLS, DOC are good targets

Simple e-mails should not take up space.
Calendar Items that have attachments take up space too

any Deleted items in profiles can be cleared..

Some additional ideas to explore


Free space from Backupify will help you clean up the inbox.
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Will the free space continue to allow the users to have access to the mailbox seamlessly for their smart phones and tablets?
Freespace helps you clean up the existing mailbox.  It will for, example, identify messages with large attachments.  Oftentimes, it is safe to remove those messages or the attachments from the sent folder.

Freespace is designed to help you and the user decide what to keep/discard to free up space.
What happens when they need all of those attachments. Which in this case unfortunately they're not comfortable with removing said attachments.
I would download attachments into Drive, which is fully searchable.
So I need help with this none of the solutions offered here will work with this person I am doing this for.  We need to have the emails archived into a separate email account on their Google Apps for Business account.  I've now migrated all of the data to their secondary account.  We are having problems with adding the secondary account as an Exchange account as well as adding it to have a no time limit on the mailbox to show all of the emails.  But this is causing the iPad and iPhone to freeze sporadically, is there anyway to resolve this?  I tried iMAP but now the iMAP isn't showing all of the emails.
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