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I am working on a SIRH in the Cloud.
The diferent parts were encoded in PHP withboth
ACCESS MySQL MS SQL data bases.

For what concerns the Reporting usefull for driving forces in the multinationnal
GFI INTERNATIONAL it seeems thanks to you all answers (THANKS VERU MUCH)
available to have reporting.
Driving force = sales hiring firing margin UP (deathmarch and so on)

The Way to play for me now is ASAP or not to be I
The Right to win is very short because I m new Inside the Cloud.
on premise we have only 1 year and half
on line we are very weak Dynamics CRM used at 1% like an average

So since I am responsible for the IT development recruitment and business
manger database GPEC and so on
my idea is to encde add on on PHP in

the problem is I m not sure what is the best

C# .net

I m fluent with ajax

The idea I have is since we use PHP with SQL SERVER and IIS to do

php -javascript HTML 5 + ajax I call ASP or .net or C# for eth request

After ward the out ajax is written in MS SQLSERVER 2008
and I execute SSIS to update SSAS OLAP .
I build the SSRS for Chairman see the reporting (Driving force

SSRS stored procédures update MSSQL SERVER table and I have a select
nswer to the php programm.

As far as concerned it seems available.

Is there some one who can give me the answer to get the points only that question.

HOW is it possible to run on IIS were php is installed?
would be appreciate 2 or 3 link on hybrid Platform IIS php compliant


It is very motivating the cloud but without you I would have been fired last week.

Now I am in dead march mode (7/7 20/24) according to the book of Lawrence Peters
Getting results from software development team.

Please please ....and thank you Expert exchange is very exiting!
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Yes sorry, I was too much exited by this idea.
My question is:
1/ Is it possible to run both php and C# on a server with IIS

2/ Why? I explain
Our firm does a migration from php to or C# (or other Microsoft  language LINQ XML...)  because we want to do a
SIRH (information system for human resources) Inside the on premice CLOUD

So as I have been said by my chairman that now I must no more encode in PHP I had the idea to programm in

I cannot change what is used by the 10 000 people who use it.
So my idea was to now encode in

the schema is

on the client
HTML and javascript   with AJAX calling add on

the insert the result in MS SQLSERVER 2008 R2 in a table

and I have my result readed in the new PHP executed page

Do you understand it?

Maybe you think it is non sense and I agree on the principle but I do it to produce
programm and slightly I encode all in

so the question is with IIS can I have on the same server PHP and
The question was

"*the problem is I m not sure what is the best

C# .net

I m fluent with ajax"

in other words
for a based object software what is the best language
C# .net C++ what is the difference
other would be PHP
other J2EE