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Simple Update Query

I need to write an update query for microsoft access that will do the following:

If a string of text in column A does not contain the letter 'E' anywhere in that string, then the fields in Columns B, C, and D will all be updated to isnull.

Its that simple.  Thank you for your help.

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This almost sounds like homework. If so, we can probably give you some guidance.  What did you come up with so far?
Oops never mind, there's your answer.
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Not homework.  I figured out how to update the table prior to your answer and I did not have a chance to delete the question.  But thank you for your response.



The thought actually crossed my mind too...

But the question history made me think otherwise.  And that's what a lot of my own questions sound like for confidentiality.


Thanks for clarifying.
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My access skills are light, and this is the first Time i have used the program in several years.  I jumped the gun at asking a simple question before doing my own research.

Miriam, that's a good idea to look at the question history. I'll keep that in mind.  Although, that's going to give me less time to beat you to an answer :)

mkobey, I'm glad you figured it out.
LOL... you're on to my trickery!