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How should I handle 'working' tables?

Hi guys,

This is a database design question.  I have a table tblObjectives that holds the objectives our courses.

The curriculum developers will be able to edit and add objectives.  The tblObjectives is 'live' to the faculty so changes are viewed immediately.  This is good but I would like to allow curriculum people to update the db without the faculty seeing changes until they have been approved.

Currently, the curriculum guys use the system to save a .pdf of the current version which the instructors can view while the course is under modification.  While this works to a certain extent, (when they remember to do it) I was thinking that maybe I should have a 'working' table where courses under revision would reside until all changes have been approved.  At that point, the 'working' data would be moved to the permanent tblObjectives.

I would like some input on how a 'professional' database designer might handle this sort of thing. Maybe I am completely off base.


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There is an unapproved/approved state. However, if it's in the unapproved state, the faculty cannot view the objectives.  Once approved the faculty can view.

The problem is this, let's say 100 objectives have to be reworked.  As soon as one objective is updated, it is live... even though the complete edits have not been made. If the curriculum developer marks the objectives unapproved then the instructor cannot see anything.  Ideally, there would be no downtime.