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JQuery selection help


Attached is my DOM.
What I am trying to do is group a set of selected divs and wrap them into another div.

so far I was able to wrap all cost Divs by using:

 $(document).ready(function () {

        $('.ewa-ptp-parameters > div:lt(14)').wrapAll("<div id='CostBlock' style='border:1px solid red;'></div>");


This works fine. However, I want to next select 14th direct child of ewa-ptp-parameters

and wrap them into another div

so I tried:

      $('.ewa-ptp-parameters > div:eq(15)').wrapAll("<div id='ProcessFlowBlock' style='border:1px solid green;'></div>");

This does not work for some reason.

Also likewise I want to select all the process divs and group them and wrap and same thing for Reuse and so on.

How do I achieve this?

Please help.
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Rainer Jeschor
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