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Win 8 - where is the CD rom icon?

user cant find it and Ive never used it.

It def has a cd rom so where is the icon for it?
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In my machine, it shows up in Windows Explorer, but only if there is media in the device. This is the same as Windows 7.

If you put a disc in your DVD player, it should (a) present a window to take action on and (b) show up in the file tree in Windows Explorer. Does it do that?

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I'm guessing they have the Metro interface - big shinny screen with large icons etc..

From this screen (anywhere) type "file explorer"

Then click on file explorer when it appears in the search window

This will take you to the desktop - open my computer and voila!

ps.. I don't use windows 8 - just looked quickly at a colleagues machine

Press Windows Key and X

Click on File Explorer

Open the CD / DVD drive from there etc...
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Can you hit the windows logo symbol on the KB beside ALT and E
Will it bring up windows explorer like in win 7 ?

Can something be installed to give you a more win 7 classic menu / feel?
Windows Explorer can be in the task bar just like Windows 7. Just click on it. Or use the Keyboard shortcut.

You do not need to install anything. See how Windows Explorer works and the icon is there (if there is a disc in place).

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