ipad update from iOS 4.3.3 iOS 6.1

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I am trying to upgrade my ipad to latest iOS 5.1. My current version is iOS 4.3.3.

I understand I need to use itune.  Do i use the itune within the ipad or the one that on PC.

Any one have a step or procedure for such an upgrade.
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This update is available via iTunes.
Use the iTunes within the ipad.

How to Update Your iPad to iOS 6.0
Having a little difficulty understanding what your asking for.

If your asking if you should use the iTunes app on the iPad to update or iTunes on a PC to update....  You'll want to use iTunes on the PC... You cant update with the iTunes app on the iPad itself.
The question is to update the OS on the iPad.

Note: You will want to be on Wi-Fi to download the update. Not only will it take a while over 3G or 4G, it will also eat up a lot of your data plan. Also, it is usually best to connect your iPad to a charger (either your PC or an outlet) while updating

It can be done via iPad or via your PC or Mac

To upgrade using Wi-Fi:

To upgrade using iTunes:
See the full guide:
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I am confused, can I use the itune within the ipad to download the new ios upgrade so I can upgrade my ipad ios from 4.3.3 to 6.1
The update functionality is not in the iTunes app on the iPad, its under Settings > General > Software Update.

But i would recommend you not do that.... I recommend hooking it up to a PC and using iTunes on the PC
That way youll get a backup of the iPad on the PC.  When you hook up the iPad to the PC it will show up on the left hand side, you can right click on the iPad and lick Backup to backup the iPad, then go ahead and update


Posted on 2013-04-11 at 03:06:16ID: 39067057
"lick Backup to backup"

That coment may have spelling mistakes...
(or another intention?)

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