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What is the correct process for adding a  new computer to user's corporate Office 365 account?

The user already has a desktop and is now receiving a laptop.

The user needs to be set up so that he can use the complete Office 365 suite on his new laptop in addition to continuing to use it on his existing desktop.

Please provide me with the complete process for setting this up.

I have already installed the Office 365 software on the user's new laptop.

Now I am setting up the user on his new laptop and I am being told by Office 365 that I need to remove an existing user in order to be able to add a new user.

Also I am not able to set up the user to use his existing Outlook email account on his new laptop (even though I am using all of the same Outlook settings that I have looked up on the user's existing desktop) since apparently I need to set up the laptop's Office 365 account first.

I have the corporate Office 365 logon username and password as well as the user's email and domain user logon account username and password and I just need to know the correct process for setting this up.

Please provide me with the exact and complete steps on how to do this.
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You're not adding a new user! Download the software, install it, set up the mail profile.  It is licensed per user not machine.

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