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I know that there are several resource on the web about this topic.However, i cannot understand any of them or i cannot find any simple and clean explanation.

I cannot grasp how to construct a Pda(push down automata) from a given CFG(context free grammar) , namely CFG to PDA conversion. Can you give any simple CFG and convert it to a PDA step by step, please ? Show the formal definitons of PDA and CFG too,please.
Thanks in advance.
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This website had an earlier article about CFG to PDA but i have not been able to locate it.
Here was their comment about their other article:

"An earlier article explored a very simple method for converting a CFG to a PDA with almost no fuss. In that, we used a special 2-state machine which we determined could always be build to accept the strings generated by the associated grammar."

They used a 2 state machine. Have you tried 2 state?
A context-free grammar (CFG) is a set of recursive rewriting rules used to generate patterns of strings.
I attached the solution.


It is not given any possible solution , after a while i found the solution on the web

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