Stats question on Cronbach's alpha (in SPSS)

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In the next few weeks, I'll release a survey to a relatively large population.

Once the data extraction will be completed, I plan on using SPSS for the analysis (btw, I'm just starting to familiarize myself with the software).

Anyhow, one of the first few activities is to transform answers (where a 7 becomes a 1 and vice versa).   As you know, this is required in order to keep cost and benefit questions on the same scale.

Also, one of the first tasks is to review the Cronbach's alpha.   My question:  Is it recommended to obtain Cronbach's Alpha before or after the conversion?   Does it make a difference?

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After the recode.  If you don't reverse the items so that they are consistent with how your mean will be calculated, you will likely have negative item-total correlations which will bias your estimate of alpha.


Thank you again, richdiesal!!   Appreciate the feedback.

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