Best procedure when moving from Office 2007 to Office 2013

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Retiring an old XP machine with Office/Outlook 2007.  

New machine (Windows 7 Pro) has Ofice/Outlook 2013.

Can I just move the pst file over, attach it, and have Outlook open it?  Is that the best way to do it?

Curious, as I did try that, and Outlook 2013 reported errors in the file and said it was attempting to repair them.  Two hours later, it was still working on it.  It was late Friday so I just left it running and wondering what I will see on Monday... and what my options are if I find it has crashed.  Note: the user has a 15G pst file... and has proven resistant to training on archiving or deleting old emails :-(  So I am not surprised that things were taking a while.

Suggestions welcome.
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Scott ThompsonComputer Technician / Owner
You should be able to just move the .pst fle like you are suggesting, however Im not familiar with Office 2013.  If anything, you shoulf be able to export to a compqtible format if the old system is up and running.

P.S.  I understand how attached customer's can get to their old emails, so I feel your pain! :-)


Thanks for your reply.  I know the format of the pst changed from 2003 to 2007 and some gyrations were required that let you have a larger pst file.

Not sure if anything like that happened with 2013. Checking "what's new in 2013" covers a lot, but I didn't see anything about moving from 2007 to 2013.
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I might first check that you have all the latest updates installed for it

Id probably also chekc that you have a good backup o f the PST file your trying to open.
You may need to run an ScanPSt On it then import it, or open in Oultook 2013

Otherwise sliptstick has a really good article on moving to Outlook 2013
What CHanges have been made to PST/OST and compression as well as CHanges to IMAP Accounts.

This will likely help you with the "best procedure"


By Monday the repair procedure did complete.  Outlook 2013 opened fine after that.

Thank you both for your replies and suggestions.  The slipstick article gave a nice overview of what's in and what's out.

Splitting the points,


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