rugdoctor to cleanup diatomaceous earth?

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i had spread diatomaceous earth on the carpet for general cleanup.. now i need to remove diatomaceous earth back.. do you recommend just the vacuum cleaner or a dugdoctor better choice? (

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Dry Vac could Spread diatomaceous  into the air by allowing small Particles to pass through the filter.

Rugdoctor States "Dry Vacuum First". Unless you want allot of mud. I;d vacuum first...

follow recommendation
"Rugdoctor States "Dry Vacuum First". Unless you want allot of mud. I;d vacuum first..."

If vacuum works to your satisfaction, stop there.
All we ever did was vacuum. Just get a supply of bags, as they get heavy and clog up fast. So you can't "fill" them up.

If it's one of the "filter" vacuums, get an extra filter so you can swap them out while cleaning the "dirty" one.
An air compressor is good for cleaning the filters. Though you can get away with a good "beating and a brush out", and a rinse every 2 or 3 rounds, but the water messes them up faster than normal.


thank you.

Thank you much.    : )

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