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laptop wont restart


I have a satellite laptop Toshiba with win 7. If I take my laptop out of the house to another place I close the lid and when I open the lid again after 20-30mins I just get a black screen.

Do I need to turn off the laptop every time I leave the house? I am then ending up removing the batter to reset the machine as holding on/off button doesnt always work in this case.
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if this is recent - try a system restore to a date it was OK
then watch what updates get installed -  they can be the cause
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it isnt recent and i will see if new settings work as suggested
how long is it going on? usually restore can be done a good 3 months back
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this has always happened for past 6 months
but it worked ok before - then a factory reset will help
be sure to backup your data first
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A factory reset involves what repercussions to all my software I loaded in past few months? THis sounds like a problem.
you have to reinstall them all
but the actual problem does not sound like a problem now?