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Fujitsu T5010 Omnipass software download

I have Fujitsu Lifebook T5010 tablet. It had Omnipass installed for FingerPrint recognition. I had to reinstall Windows XP Pro 32-bit, but I can't locate Omnipass install CD.  I tried download links from past forums, but the links don't work.

Does anybody know where I can get Omnipass for my Fujitsu T5010 with Windows XP?
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Michael Best
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You will need to contact Fujitsu Customer Service Support withproof of ownership.

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The computer is out of warranty, so they won't help unless I pay them.
I can download the drivers without their help.
Isn't there a place to download Omnipass?

I don't have Omnipass on the computer, so your link doesn't help.
Omnipass is a security utility and the fingeprint scan utility works via Omnipass.
The best way to get the install disc(s) is from Fujitsu.

You can try this:
And this is the driver:

After clicking the link, wait for the download window to open. You do not need to click any other "Download" links.
The link above is for "DriverDetective"
This is a software that searches for drivers.
It is not a Fujitsu or Omnipass driver.
Nothing has worked. did not install correctly.
Driver Detective and the 7Zip programs looked like Malware.
The other link was for a patch or upgrade that REQUIRED the Omnipass program.
As a matter of fact - something messed up my PC - it won't boot now.
I already have the drivers.
I need only the fingerprint (Omnipass) software.
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I wanted something I could download for free.
I'm sure Fujitsu will charge to support a tablet PC that is out of warranty.
I was hoping some program for another PC would work on this.