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HP c7000 blade and EMC DS-5100B


We have a SAN with EMC DS-5100B fabric switches and blade servers in HP c7000 blade enclosures. I used the VC GUI to copy the profile of another server blade that's connected to the same zone in the SAN, thus auto generating new MAC's and WWN's.

I'm trying to add this new blade to the san fabric in order to reach an HP taperobot, but i can't see the WWN's in the fabric switches.
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You won't see WWNs appear until the FC drivers are loaded - so you need to install an operating system on the blade with the correct drivers. Alternatively, if you're intending to use Boot From SAN, you need to enable the boot BIOS on the FC adapter. This will activate the card and present the WWN.
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OS is installed and the drivers are the same as on another server connected to the same fabric, but still the WWN's are not advertised to the fabric switches. OS is Windows 2008 R2 std. and blade is HP BL460C G7. Onboard mezzanine FC SW is an HP Cisco MDS 9124e and the fabric switches connecting the blade enclosures to the rest of the SAN (including tape and storage) is an EMC DS-5100B
You may need to activate the ports that connect to the specific blade and add them to your default VLAN in Fabric Manager.
This is normal as there is no OS installed on the blade.  What I have done in the past is go into the FC HBA bios and with a reset from the bios level  I've been able to have the WWNs show up in the fabric with no OS installed.
Can you see the WWNs in the MDS9124e name server?
@paulsolov: Please read my comments above. There IS an OS installed on the blade.

@meyersd: No, i cannot see them. How do i activate the ports?
From Device Manager - you get a picture of the switch - you select the ports, right click and select Enable (this is from memory standing on a platform waiting for a train so details may be a little vague). You also select the VSAN from here. They should be in VSAN 001 by default.

you can also enable ports from
The switch CLI.
I should have informed in the beginning that the c7000 enclosure has two nasty little Cisco MDS 9124e 12-port Fabric Switches in it and only 2 physical 8Gb FC SFPs are connected to each fabric from each of these cisco switches. I know thare have been issues with these in the past and HP techs. struggled to get them working. Could this be the real culprit?

If this was any normal rackserver and not a bladesystem it would have been a cakewalk to install it. Connect the cables, check the physical ports on the emc fabric switch, find the wwns, zone them, and presto, happy days...
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Have you resolved the issue? If so, what was the fix?
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