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Powershell Script to manage Storage onm ESX 5.1 Hosts

Hi there i am looking to be able to list all Storage that is presented to a test ESX 5.1 Host, then take the LUN names ( Starts with naa.600 ), then be able to tweek Disk.QFullSampleSize and Disk.QFullThreshold then apply the changes to all our other ESX 5.1 hosts.

The script should be able to output the current storage that is presented to the hosts to file, and then after the process above is complete to then list the storage that is presented again and output to compare results.
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Pramod Ubhe
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I don't think powershell can grab any information from esx as it is Linux based OS.
You may check with a Linux admin for pearl script or something similar to it.
I forgot but vcli or vc module of powershell, so there are chances.
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Yes you can run these commands from windows 7 desktop provided it has powercli/virtual center snapin installed.
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Found solution on this site