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Morning all,
               I have an issue with a user exchange account, i will start from the beginning.

Request came to a junior engineer to attached 2 accounts to a managers outlook so that she review past emails. The engineer completed this by the following. File>AccountSettings>Change>more>Advanced>Mailbox.....

This worked as expected and the manager was able access all emails and folders. Once complete the accounts needed to be removed from the outlook. This is where is becomes Grey....

I assume at this point the mailbox did not disconnect correct and frustration came into play. I think the user account was Archived on the managers PC and as such ALL emails pre moday were removed from the exchange mailbox.

A remote engineer un aware of the above was pulled in to resolve the issue of missing emails. On accessing her local outlook (this is the end user not the snooping manager) the local archives were checked and and found not to be the location for a potentail "AutoArchive" blunder. All emails were found within her outlook deleted items (recover deleted items) and after a number of four letter words by the end user restored back to the inbox ( 20,000 later she is now again not happy her folder structure is gone).

We are internally hunting for pst archives etc but wanted to know of any other ideas we have not yet thought of internally (client does not have space to restore complete datastore).

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JHallidayConnect With a Mentor Chief Technical OfficerCommented:
if it is definitely a PST file then open it directly from Outlook and then copy the contents back into a mailbox
JHallidayChief Technical OfficerCommented:
What sort of backups do you run ? Do you have granular mailbox backups or just straight Data store backups ?
outlook should be creating an ost file not a pst, and often disconnecting from the server and then running outlook will use the local ost and not sync with the server and see that everything is deleted - you can then export to pst before you reconnect to the server.

What server based backup are you using?
There are a number of third party tools that can extract one mailbox from the exchange mdb file - if you need to restore the mdb to another location  - I don't know of any free ones though
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JHallidayChief Technical OfficerCommented:
@wolfcamel the only problem is if the user has already connected to the server the OST file will be updated with the latest Mailbox structure
ncomperAuthor Commented:
its already updated with the new structure.

i have an archive pst that if i can import back in to the mail box i will be out of the dark...

8Gig pst (i know there is a powershell command for this)
ncomperAuthor Commented:
JHallidayChief Technical OfficerCommented:
Cool :) glad you got it sorted
ncomperAuthor Commented:
Full link for the import is in the questions.
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