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Exchange 2007 Restore Mailbox Data Deleting

Summary: Trying to restore an old Exchange 2007 Mailbox, the restore seems to work as I see data in Outlook however as soon as the restore is complete the data gets deleted.

Details: We have Exchange 2010 with all users moved over.  One user was missing some very old mail from our Exchange 2007 server.  I powered on the Exchange 2007 server, recreated the DB the users mail was in as it was no longer there and created a Restore User in a different existing DB on it.  Via Arcserve I restored the DB into a Recovery Group, mounted it and selected the user's mailbox to restore to the Restore user /restore folder. The restore starts OK and runs for 6+ hours (huge mailbox).  I can open Outlook of the Restore user and view the mail in the /Restore folder and was able to copy some to a .PST archive.  When the restore completes, the data starts deleting itself and within a few seconds GBs worth or recovered data is gone.  I've tried two different tapes from different times with the same results.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I would guess that somewhere there is a POP account somewhere connecting to the mailbox - as the POP account downloads the mail it is deleted from the mailbox.
This is how POP works.
Why not disable POP and then it will not be able to download?
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Thanks for the suggestion however it doesn't look like it's the issue.  My CAS server is offline and the setting for the mailbox is set to POP3 False.
I did some more tests with individual folders running Restore-Mailbox.  When the restore completes or if I Break out of PowerShell, the data gets deleted.  If during the restore I set Outlook to work offline, the data that has been restored to that point will stay.  When I set Outlook back to work online the data gets deleted.
So turn off the Exchange cache in Outlook before you start - looks like Outlook has registered an empty mailbox, more recently than the restored stuff!
Actually when I originally ran into the problem, cache mode was off and I turned it on.  I have played around with some permissions to set delete to none and tried a few other things.  In any event the data seems to be staying now.

Glad to be of help. It's not a nice sort of thing to watch stuff vanish before you eyes.
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