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Apple MAC exchange 2003 client

Hi there, is someone able to recommend a good exchange email client that works well with 2003 version of exchange?

We have used Thunderbird and the native Mail clients installed on MACs but have come across some serious issues!

Does anyone know of any other decent clients?

Kind regards
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What issue you faced? Exchange 2003 is pretty old now. Look to upgrade to Exchange 2010 or 2013 and use Outlook for MAC.
We need some details:

1)  Which version(s) of the Mac OS do you have?

2)  What error(s) are you seeing?  Please include both text and error number, if available.

3)  Finally, is your organization prepared to upgrade its Exchange server to the latest version?
Entourage 2008 is probably your only option.
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Thank you for your replies. I wish upgrading to 2010 was an easy option, however, this is not the case.

Recently, we have applied an MX record to our domain to stop any spammers blacklisting our IP address. Since of which, if a MAC user, was working from Home over a VPN (shrew soft VPN client), sending emails to external clients etc are denied. The error he is receiving is:

'"an error occurred while sending mail: the mail server responded: 5.7.1 unable to relay for <Customers_Email_Address>. Please check the message recipient and try again'.

This sounds to me when he is in the office, he is able to send emails as our office is obviously allowed to send emails as it is in our MX record, but it seems his Mail client is attempting to relay it using the users personal WAN IP?!?

Ive spent a couple of hours looking at his MAC in hope I can find some helpful relay settings, but don't seem to be getting far and am not a MAC expert....

We are aware the exchange server requires an upgrade, but unfortunately in the business world this isn't something that can happen over night, and this user works from home majority of the week.

The OS version the user has is a MAC OS X Lion 10.7.5.

Thanks in advanced for any responses.
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Thank you for your response. This was an option I was thinking of going down, however, the users IP address is not static and therefore would be irrelevant to add to mail server if it changes on a regular basis.

Just a thought:  

What host is listed as the SMTP server on the home user's machine?

Chances are it is his ISP's host.  However, if he is tunneling in via a VPN connection, should it not be your organization's host?
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timl006, I have listed the exchange server's local IP address as the SMTP server. I have also used the web address we use for users to access webmail and to access their emails from their phones etc.

Regarding "strung's" find:

A little outside my depth here but I'll try anyway. :-)

If I understand it correctly, all you would need to add is the domain name of the outside ISP's mail server(s).  I know it's potentially a big hole but depending on the ISP, there could be a veritable farm of load balancing servers which might or might not operate under an aggregate name.
I don't think it is going through the outside ISP's mail server.

Re the non-static IP address, even though most ISP's provide non-static IP addresses, they usually do not change frequently. Often a user will keep the same IP address for years, so it worth a try.
ccfcfc wrote:

timl006, I have listed the exchange server's local IP address as the SMTP server. I have also used the web address we use for users to access webmail and to access their emails from their phones etc.

Does the server value list only the IP address after account setup or does it have the following string appended to the IP address: /EWS/Exchange.asmx.

If not, try the proper domain name for the exchange server instead.  After the account is set up fully, the server value should change to:

-->   <server host.domain>/EWS/Exchange.asmx.

I can tell you that all of our setups have this info.

NOTE:  You might have to set up his account from scratch for this to work but let us try just changing the server name first.
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I have been doing some testing and change the server name as suggested. I checked my outlook client (outlook 2010) on my laptop and used the server named as the server name on the MAC. First of all, I connected to the network using the VPN, and then changed the settings in thunderbird.

Instead of using a local IP address of the exchange server I used its public domain name ( I could ping this from the terminal, and can see the MAC book was able to resolve the name to the local IP address of the server.

Seeming this was working as thought, I tried to send an email to my Hotmail account, but was stopped but the same error explained above. This seems to be MAC mail client issue, as with my outlook running on Windows, I have never experienced an issue like this before.

Any more suggestions would be welcome.

thanks in advanced.

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has anyone got any other ideas I can use?
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thank you for your response. This was working before fine with a connection to exchange 2003. However, Im finding it hard to understand that the underline issue with down to exchange 2003 when the only thing we have changed on our email system is the implementation of an MX record.