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Remote control power switch with backup battery


I am looking for a remote control power switch with UPS backup battery feature. I have seen there are many options available, but I want to ask to an expert who has experience with this device before I start shopping.

Basically we will be hooking up our company application servers that is located in our company server room. Currently we have 5 Dell poweredge servers, 4 switches and 1 firewall installed in a rack in our server room. They are all all hooked up to 2 APC 2u rack mountable power UPSs. These are very old model, and we can't remote control them to control the power of the servers.

In this outfit, which model or make Remote Control Backup power UPS system would you recommend ? Which one would you deploy if you had similar setup ?

Note: Our power outlet is NEMA L6-30A
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