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Dynamics CRM 2011 copy form "the specified organization is disabled"

I'm getting the "specified organization is disabled" message when trying to create a lead with a new form. I took the existing lead form, opened it and went to customization, and then did a save as for a form with a different name.

When ever I try to add a lead using this new form I get the "The specified organization is disabled"

How do you change the org a form is associated with? and why would it change just because i did a save as?

thank you
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Feridun Kadir
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There is no provision for forms to be linked to different organizations in Dynamics CRM. When you create a new form an entity, it is for the same organization.

When in the process do you get the error, is it when you open the form, after you the open form and click save or some other time?
Hi HeartsOnFire,

Try restarting IIS. Also is this the only organization? or you have other organization on this server?

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I tried the iis reset with no luck.

We have 3 organizations in crm -
Blank      enabled
HOF        disabled
HOFCRM    endabled

we do all our work in HOFCRM. I believe the blank one and the HOF one are there for when we move stuff into our test and dev servers

I'm copying the Leads form we use for our marketing team. I get the error when I go to marketing.. leads.. then click new to create a lead.. switch the form to the "new form"

The marketing form was created as part of a managed solution. The new form is not in the solution. I tried this in our dev environment and it worked fine.

I enabled the HOF org and was able to get in.. but I don't want that one enabled. I don't know why it's tied to that org
Hmm, managed solutions. They do seem to cause a lot of trouble.

I would consider deleting the new form that you created that is not working and creating a new one (but not copying the one that came from the managed solution try instead copying the out of the box information form).  I realise this will require more work but I don't have another suggestion for you.
feridum.. great suggestion!

I just tried open the default lead form.. information form and get the same error. I'm wondering if they over wrote something when everything was installed.. if I enable that other org they work.

I just don't know what happens if that org is started... hmmmm..
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Feridun Kadir
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The managed solution has a lot of things in it. It's funny, I almost think if it was just an unmanaged solution I'd be ok.

almost feels like the managed solution was part of the org that is disabled and it was brought over incorrectly to this org or has some link to the disabled on. I think i may just enable the other org.. I'm not sure what the worst that can happen is...

I may open the ticket at some point. My marketing team just wants to play around with adding a bunch of new fields to a form and playing with it.
I strongly advocate against the use of managed solutions unless you are an ISV developing add-ons for CRM for resale.

But, having said that importing a managed solution with changes to forms should work and the import of the solution should update forms in the organization that you are importing to and not reference the original organization. Something is not right.
Are there any plugin/s configured on lead?

i'm still not sure what the real answer is yet, but I'm going to award the points for all the help and suggestions you gave. i need to have someone come in and tear it apart..

thank you for trying

Thanks for the points. Sorry you didn't resolve the issue.