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Windows 2003 Server Slow to List Directories

Windows 2003 server SP2 on Dell PE2650, 4GB, RAID5.  Often, working at the console, when listing the contents of a directory, Windows Explorer will pause/stall for a while (sometimes as long as a minute).   I have temporarily uninstalled AV while troubleshooting to make sure that isn't the problem, no improvement.

I would appreciate some troubleshooting steps of things to check to improve response.
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What specific performance object should I add to see the "disk queue?"
It usually one of the three predefined objects.
At some point today I should be on a server 03 box and can take a look.
You could also turn off file indexing if your box is struggling with it's disk IO already, usually helps.
See this one for disk queue explanation.  There are probably better resources out there.  But it explains it.
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Perfmon helped me see that it wasn't a disk problem, it was a CPU usage problem.  I had a process running that was eating a lot of CPU time.  It is an important app for me, but not super time critical, so I lowered the base priority of that app and the delay went away.  Perfmon helped me see the CPU usage over time, which isn't readily obvious in task manager.  Thanks for your help!