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Serial port change pin works

We have a Force10 S50 Device which needs a cable

Pin 1 = NC
Pin 2 = NC
Pin 3 = RXD
Pin 4 = GND
Pin 5 = GND
Pin 6 = TXD
Pin 7 = NC
Pin 8 = NC

is this the same withc standart cisco DB9 RJ45 cable or is there any way to change pin detects on server to use cisco console cable for this device

as far as i know cisco use this pinout

1       -       -
2       DTR       Output
3       TxD       Output
4       GND       -
5       GND       -
6       RxD       Input
7       DSR       Input
8       -       -
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1 Solution

I don't have any way to test this, but it looks like using a DB9-RJ45 converter and a straight through cable should do the trick.
3XLcomAuthor Commented:
I see that and we already requested one from the net but it will take a long to get it so we are looking for a software which create cross between rxd and txd on port
You don't need software to chnage the location of tx and rx, just use a DB9 null modem adapter, available at most electronic stores, like radio shack.
3XLcomAuthor Commented:
thnx solved

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