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Connection to SQL Anywhere does not show up in sa_conn_info()

I have a web page using PHP ( 5.2.6 )
I connect to a sql anywhere database ( version 10 or 11 or 12 )

$_SESSION['CONN'] = sqlanywhere_connect("eng=mysrv;uid=me;pwd=***;dbn=sybase");
$TSTRES = sqlanywhere_query($_SESSION['CONN'],"select stuff from mytable");
$TSTROW = sqlanywhere_fetch_array($TSTRES);

I connect fine and get data fine.

HOWEVER - I need to see this connection from the sa_conn_info()
It does not show up here.

1.  Why not ?

2.  How do I make it show up ?

Thanks !!!
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Dave Baldwin
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Where are you getting those functions?  sqlanywhere_connect isn't part of PHP as such.  And the code I see for 'sqlanywhere' isn't either.
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It is what I had learned to use since I started with iAnywhere 10
As I look on my server I see the php-5.2.5_sqlanywhere10.dll
Ok, those functions must be old versions for that driver.  The current API docs are located at  SAP may have discontinued the old driver when they bought Sybase.

And believe it or not, they seem to have a separate driver / extension for almost every version of PHP on this page: although I notice that they don't have '10' at the end of the file name.   It also says there:

The PHP modules require SQL Anywhere or greater.
Ooh... I just tried the link to the Developer's edition of SQL Anywhere 10 and the link redirected me to SAP and a free Trial version instead.
I changed to the php-5.2.6_sqlanywhere.dll  ( iAnywhere 11 )
this did change a little bit...
The connection DID show in the sa_conn_info but only for a split second.
How would I "Keep" this connection ?
I have never worked with SQL Anywhere but in all other PHP database connections, they are normally closed at the end of the script each and every time.  I don't know what you mean by "Keep" this connection".
Keep the connection open...that would be the ideal situation is to connect to the db with php and the connection stay open as long as the browser session is open.
No, that just ties up server resources without anything useful being done.  On a busy SQL server, that could cripple it.  Most servers only allows a limited number of simultaneous connections.  To use them up by 'staying on hold' is not a good use of resources.  It is unusual for an SQL request to take more than a few milliseconds so the rest of it would be wasted time on hold.
In VB using ADO an app can make a connection to a database and not close the connection
This then shows users connected to the database and allows an application to control licenses by viewing active connections.  I am realistically looking for the same thing within PHP to connect to a database and not necessarily do anything but take up my connection license.
I am sure there may be other ways to take up my license but would have to do some "tricks" to know that a user has a browser opened to my app page and know when they are gone.
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I will find an alternative that will eventually work as a kluge :-(