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File sync options.

I have a project coming up in which I will need to copy users Outlook PST files over the internet. File sizes will range from 10-20 GB. I need a program that supports

      Delta / Block level support
      Resume pause or stopped downloads
      Copying Locked files
      Copying files over the internet

I was thinking about using Git but it does not have any resume function I could use to get that first backup.  I have also looked at qtdsync.

My plan was to setup the sync and let it run for a week or so to get the first backup. Then when we are ready to move forward we can run a sync which should only copy parts of the file that have changed an thus take significantly less time. The client computers will be running windows and the server could be running windows or linux depending on what is needed.

The program should be open source or free.
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I enjoy FreeFileSync ( However I do not know how well it might work over the internet.
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Novell just released a new product called Filr.
You might want to check it out
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none of the other answers worked for me.