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Avaya IP Office and NorStar VoIP Gateway cross-system dialing (where to start with avaya)

Currently we have two sites (site1, site2).

Site1 uses NorTel/NorStar provided to us by our internet and phone service provider. Site1 also has a NorStar VoIP Gateway that I'm assuming our Avaya system connects to for the iner-office dialing.

Site2 uses Avaya IP Office (R8.1) using a PRI also provided to us from the same internet and phone service provider.

A few things about myself:
I'm pretty familiar with ShoreTel Director, but still don't have a very clear understand of how VoIP/SIP/PBX/PRI's work. It's something I'm trying to improve on. I know next to nothing about Avaya outside of what I've figured out on my own the past few months with this system. I'm very familiar with Windows (both server and non-server OS's), Linux (CentOS for example, but many other flavors as well), switching and routing on Cisco, Dell, and HP devices, and have many other skills sets, so I am confident this issue can be resolved, I just don't know enough about Avaya to do anything in it.... Yet.

The problem is that Site1 can dial 4 digit extensions for both sites and everything works fine. Site2 can only dial Site2 extensions. When I try to dial a Site1 extension, the phone reads "UNOBTAINABLE disc" (I can't tell if the last letter is a "c" or an "o"... It's kind of hard to tell) and gives a fast-busy signal.

I've spoken to the provider and asked them about this issue, and this is what they said:
"The pattern match extension 4xxx, 2xxx is set for PRI's at each location.  Call into tech support and we can test, I can see if you are sending digits to me or not.  I do not have any info on the Avaya system, no help there.  I can say that 4-digit dialing between locations, even [Site3] when it was on-net was working fine, there have been no changes on our side of the PRI's that may have broke this.  Call in so we can test."

I'm going to say that it's not worth calling in to test because I get the fast busy when I try to dial (the fast-busy starts at the first digit - "2"), so I'm assuming the digits are never getting to the PRI. I also assume that this has something to do with maybe a dialing plan, or extension list or something, but I don't know where to go in Avaya to check this out.

Please help! :-)

Please provide clear instructions on where to go in Avaya to do things and don't just say "go check the flux capacitor fluid levels" (example) because I have no idea where that is.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide!
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