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Javascript vs PHP giving differnet answers

I'm trying to get a validation working between java script and PHP, however both calculations are pulling different answers

Input = $_GET['txtChallenge'] = "54321"
Output = 45635
    var work1;
    work1 = String($('#txtChallenge').val().substring(4, 5)) + String($('#txtChallenge').val().substring(1, 2)) + String($('#txtChallenge').val().substring(0, 1)) + String($('#txtChallenge').val().substring(2, 3)) + String($('#txtChallenge').val().substring(3, 4));
    work1 = work1 + 96321 * 42677 * 32332 / 22324;
    work1 = Math.round(work1);
    work1 = String(work1).substring(String(work1).length - 5, String(work1).length);
    work1 = String(work1.substring(4, 5)) + String(work1.substring(2, 3)) + String(work1.substring(1, 2)) + String(work1.substring(3, 4)) + String(work1.substring(0, 1));


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Input = #txtChallenge = "54321"
Output = 20204
    $work1 = substr($_GET['txtChallenge'],4,1) . substr($_GET['txtChallenge'],1,1) . substr($_GET['txtChallenge'],0,1) . substr($_GET['txtChallenge'],2,1) . substr($_GET['txtChallenge'],3,1);
    $work1 = $work1 + 96321 * 42677 * 32332 / 22324;
    $work1 = round($work1);
    $work1 = substr($work1,strlen($work1)-5);
    $work1 = substr($work1,4,1) . substr($work1,2, 1) . substr($work1,1, 1) . substr($work1,3, 1) . substr($work1,0, 1);

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The part the calculations seem to go adrift is at:-
work1 + 96321 * 42677 * 32332 / 22324;

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Im a little confused why they are going adrift, can anyone see where it is going wrong????
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But which is the correct output that you require
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Your code worked fine, I don't know if the answer is right, but both PHP and JavaScript gives the same answer which is all I need.

Im trying to build a authenticator login service, so the JavaScript side works on a phone standalone, and the PHP side works on the web server.

The PHP script generates a random 5 digit number which is typed into the standalone webpage (currently installed on phone) and then the resulting number is typed into the webpage and authenticated. Finally I want the actual sum to be different for each user, so a separate install needs for each phone.

The old site (which I made previously) authenticated via an email sent via the web server to the users email account with a second part of a key generated by a random number, the issue being it took too long for the emails to be delivered.

I had looked at using SMS, but I'm a cheap skate and don't want to pay anything, plus security isn't too much of a concern, just a nice addin.
Basically you are generating a simple 'captcha' but you're going thru a lot of work to do it.