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Adobe Reader xi causes display to be distorted

PC running Windows 7.  When Adobe Reader 10 is installed everything is just fine.  But, when I install Adobe Reader xi and I open any pdf file the display goes crazy.  By that I mean the colors are all distorted or maybe "negative" is the word I'm looking for.  If I uninstall xi and put version x back on, everything is ok.
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Sounds good.  I'll do it tonight.  Thanks.
Check out the link below for the same.

Which states there is a workaround for this issue.

Problem: A gray/blank screen displays after choosing "Trust this host one time only" or "Trust this host always" in the browser.

Cause : - This happens with IE, Firefox, and Chrome.

Workaround :-  Turn off Protected View (Preferences > Security (Enhanced) > All files).
Problem is fixed but I'm not sure exactly why.  Here is the situation... My client wanted to update the driver to the video card himself (I've been working on this remotely with him).  He called this morning and told me that he went into the properties on Adobe Reader xi, then went to "compatibility mode" and next he selected "run this program as an administrator".  He then said it started working correctly.  I asked him if he updated the driver and he said yes but that's not what fixed it.  Anyway, I looked and the driver was updated from version 9 to 12 (big update).  So, I rolled back the driver and I also unchecked the "run program as an administrator" option that he thinks fixed the issue.  I restarted the computer and everything still worked properly.  So now I have no idea what really fixed it or why.  Any ideas?
So now I have no idea what really fixed it or why

An update and then rollback of the video driver could cause this. Adobe should work without "Running as Administrator" which is what you did.

So the first hypothesis above was video driver and that seems to be what has changed leading to the machine working fine subsequently.

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This would be in the same category as:  

I can't use the internet. Uninstall/Reinstall the NIC driver. Oh, That works now.

I cannot say what in the Video driver would change, but it does appear to be the fix.

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Yep. Thats what I think.  Wish I could of proved that to him by rolling back the driver.  Oh well, I still get paid.  :)
Thank You!
@PCGalOfCal - Thanks and I was happy to help. Yes - you should still get paid!

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