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Order Access Query by Subquery result

The query below has stumped me for hours and hours. I've tried every possible thing I could find online. If anyone can help I would most grateful!

The query uses a subquery to list how much product a customer has used and it works fine. However I would like to order the query by the usage result. No go no matter what I try.

SELECT TOfferItem.ID AS OfferID, TOfferItem.FKManfItemID, tblManfItems_m.Manf_Code AS Code, tblManfItems_m.Short_Desc, tblCompany_m.CompanyName AS Manufacturer, tblManfItems_m.Target_Ounce_Size AS Target_Size_Oz, qryManfItemFileCount.File_Count, tblGeneralItems.LongDesc AS Item_Group, tblManfItems_m.Quality AS Quality, tblItemPacks.PackDesc AS Pack, [Quantity]*[weight] AS Avail_Weight, TOfferItem.Price AS Cost, tblCity.City, tblStates.StateAbbr, TOfferItem.Note AS Offer_Note, (SELECT Sum(PODtl.TotalLbl) AS Total_Usage
FROM tblManfItems INNER JOIN (tblOrderStatus INNER JOIN (PoHDR INNER JOIN PODtl ON PoHDR.TranID = PODtl.TranID) ON tblOrderStatus.OrderID = PoHDR.TranID) ON tblManfItems.ID = PODtl.FKManfItemID
GROUP BY tblManfItems.ID, PoHDR.Customer, tblOrderStatus.Submitted, tblOrderStatus.Canceled
HAVING (((tblManfItems.ID)= tblManfItems_m.ID) AND ((PoHDR.Customer)=1319) AND ((tblOrderStatus.Submitted)=True) AND ((tblOrderStatus.Canceled)=False))) AS Total_Usage
FROM qryManfItemFileCount RIGHT JOIN (tblCompany AS tblCompany_m RIGHT JOIN (tblStates RIGHT JOIN (tblCity RIGHT JOIN (tblGeneralItems RIGHT JOIN (tblItemPacks RIGHT JOIN (tblOfferItemInventory AS TOfferItem INNER JOIN tblManfItems AS tblManfItems_m ON TOfferItem.FKManfItemID = tblManfItems_m.ID) ON tblItemPacks.ID = tblManfItems_m.Pack) ON tblGeneralItems.ItemID = tblManfItems_m.Commodity_ID) ON tblCity.CityID = TOfferItem.FKCityID) ON tblStates.StateID = tblCity.State) ON tblCompany_m.PKCompanyID = tblManfItems_m.FK_Company_ID) ON qryManfItemFileCount.ManfID = TOfferItem.FKManfItemID
WHERE ((([Quantity]*[weight])>0));

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You are amazing. What was I doing wrong?