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Tried to implement a CSS menu but having issues Help

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Would you care to elaborate?
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Matt Pinkston


the dropdowns are not showing....

what I did is created the element as an include page so I only have to change in one spot.

Works fine by itself 

but not as part of the page
Which browser are you testing in? It seems to work under Opera:

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was using IE9
I just need a darn drop down that will work in all browsers grr very frustrating our parents cannot get details about the league.
willing to pay for one that works
I don't have IE9 installed anywhere, so I cannot confirm the behavior. I do have IE8, though, and I do see that the menu doesn't work quite correctly. One thing though:  Your home page appears to have a slightly different menu (in terms of CSS), but it does work. Why did you change the menu style between pages? Why not carry over the menu from the home page?

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