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SQL 2012 database copy between Servers

Good evening,

I am trying to copy databases between two 2012 SQL  servers using the CopyDatabase Wizard.  My problem occurs when the Wizard is on the "Configure the Package" screen.  A timeout error occurs:  "While trying to find a folder on SQL...." and then the timeout message.  
I can use MMS to connect to both servers without any problems and am using the sa accounts in the Wizard.   SQL Server Agent is running on both servers. I have tripled the timeout period.

V Whitehead
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I would perform a backup of the database you want to copy and then copy the backup file to the new server and restore from the backup file.
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Make sure that Agent account does have sufficient read/write credentials on the folder pointed out by the error message.
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I checked the Agent account.  The folder does not exist, so I am assuming the a temporary folder is being created.  If I ignore the error, the next screen runs through all steps (including create package) successfully.  The final step, Execute SQL Server Agent Job is where I get the log error.
I checked the Agent account.
And was it the default Local system account or a domain account with appropriate permissions?
Server Agent is connected through the sa account.  However,  under Agent properties the connection is Windows Authentication which I do not use.  The 'Use SQL Authentication' is grayed out .

I appreciate the help.  I know I could do a database backup and restore, but I will be doing multiple transfers between servers and this seems to be the obvious method.

V Whitehead
Let me try this once again:
Is the Windows startup account for the SQL Server Agent service a Local System account or a domain account with appropriate permissions?

This has nothing to do with sa.  If you don't know the answer or even how to find it we can give you step by step instructions.
Lets try the step by step
1. Press the Windows key.
2. Type "services.msc"
3. Press Enter.
4. Make sure the Services list is sorted by Name (by clicking on the title).
5. Scroll to find the SQL Server Agent service.
6. Double-click.
7. Select  the Log On tab.
8. Let us know if it is a "Local System Account" or "This Account".  If it is the latter, does the account used have the appropriate permissions?
It is set as This Account to the SQLServerAgent.   If I browse from the Account Name to 'Select User or Group' then click 'Advanced' I can find Bulit-in in security principals and users and from there do a search resulting in Administrator,  my account name, etc.  Save to assume that I just need to set it to Administrator?
Under logins, I checked the ServerRoles for the SQLServerAgent on both servers and all are checked.
It is set as This Account to the SQLServerAgent.
So is this a domain account or a local account?  If it is a domain account does it have the appropriate permissions for both servers?
It is a domain account.  I checked on both servers and all permissions are enabled.
Then I am afraid I have no idea what is going on.
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Ok, thanks
I will try it
The SSIS package solution worked fine.