HP blade center c-3000 + adding SAN and server

Hello we have a HP Blade Center c-3000. It includes the following.
2 servers and 2 storage blade and two 1 GB ENET PASS THRU MOD opt kit  (part number is

We are not a big fan of the storage blades and we would like to add a HP SAN and a new HP rack server (good old rack servers).  We do not want to use iscsi we want to use cables.

I have looked at this page http://www8.hp.com/us/en/products/interconnects/index.html 

Any ideas? What do we need to buy to make all the SAN, Blade and rack servers communicate?
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andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
D2700 is not shared storage, it's a dumb shelf.

For a shared storage you need intelligence in the storage, If you look at the P2000 G3 SAS model you can see it has two controllers inside it that deal with RAID and presenting LUNs to the host initiators.

As a starter I would go for the following:

1 *HP P2000 G3 SAS MSA Dual Controller SFF Array System       AW594B
1 * HP 6Gb/s SAS BL Switch - Dual Pack for BladeSystems       BK764A
1 * HP Smart Array P712m Controller/256 for Server Blades       488348-B21
2 * HP Ext Mini SAS 2M cable       407339-B21 - for P2000 to SAS switches
B * HP Smart Array P712m Controller/256 for Server Blades       488348-B21
(B is number of blades connecting to shared storage via SAS switch)
1 * HP SC08e 6Gb SAS HBA for G6 and G7 rack servers       614988-B21
1 * HP H221 Host Bus Adapter for Gen8 servers       650931-B21
(Either/or since don't know whether G7 or Gen8)
1 * HP Ext Mini SAS 2M cable       407339-B21 - For DL380
Some disks - it uses the same SFF disks that G5/6/7 servers use, they have to be dual ported since the enclosure has two controllers but you can use the ones from old ProLiants if you want)

N.B. there is a cheaper option using single controller and single switch but it's not redundant.

Quickspecs for the P2000 G3 are at http://h18000.www1.hp.com/products/quickspecs/13551_div/13551_div.html, note it covers the whole range of host interconnects so FC and iSCSI is there too.

If you are using old disks from ProLiants I advise upgrading them to latest firmware in a regular server first since it's faster than doing it in a P2000 and then running the Array Diagnostic Utility and searching the report for "read errors hard" and only use the ones that have a very low number. If you want to use disks from Gen8 models you can but you will have to buy 3rd party caddies, ideal if you're migrating to VMware since it can go on an SD card which frees up the almost unused boot disks.

Deployment guide is at http://bizsupport2.austin.hp.com/bc/docs/support/SupportManual/c02775615/c02775615.pdf, it does not cover connecting the DL380 to the SAS switch so I would phone HP and confirm that that is supported, pretty sure it is supported since you may want to connect a general backup server to it although you can have a backup server inside the blade enclosure and connect a SAS tape library to the SAS switch anyway.
Two options if you don't want to use iSCSI,

Fibre Channel, I'd stick to Brocade, HP B-series AJ820B 8/12c blade switch, in bay 3 (or 3+4 for redundancy) and use Emulex HBA although you could use Qlogic or Brocade.

SAS, you'd be stuck with HP P2000 MSA with ASS interconnect as shared storage since that's all that's supported, HP do a blade SAS switch for SAS interconnectivity so you're not limited to just 4 hosts as you would be in a non-blade situation. Again use bay3 or 3+4 and mezz1.
Oh, just thought. You don't mean to use a HP server as the shared storage do you? That would be limited to iSCSI unless you used expensive software and also not be redundant, normally you would use a dual controller SAN storage box, e.g. P2000 G3 although with FC you could use just about anything.
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daxa78Author Commented:
No i want to use a DL 380 and a HP SAN.

Great we are really interested in using a SAN with SAS connector.
Like the D2700.

What should we buy for the BLADE chassis and what is the downside?
daxa78Author Commented:
Great thx for the input i love it :-) Btw we since we have the storage blades we can use the disk that are in them right?  Btw is that SAN not outdated ? Just wondering. We have delivered those SANS using iscsi before 1GB speed.

Is it 10GB compliant or can it become? Im just wondering.  But this is for SAS 6b usage.
Disks from storage blades would be fine but the new ones use the new caddies so you may need 3rd party caddies, depends on model of storage blades.

P2000 G3 SAS came out middle of 2011 I think but still 6Gb SAS so pretty up to date, there is a 10Gb iSCSI version so you could use that with 10Gb blade switches plus 10Gb mezzanine cards, I think 2 lanes are connected for the SAS version so 12Gb rather than 6Gb but disks aren't that fast anyway.

You can upgrade the G1 or G2 to G3, just replace the controllers with the new ones. Probably will be the same for the G4 when it comes out.
daxa78Author Commented:
Fantastic Andy.  Thank you so much. Have a great day.
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