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Crystal report referencing another report

I have a report which sorts by 'Room numbers' and calculate duration from 'Entry' and 'Exit' data, this data is compiled from a SQL database table from one system. I then have a second 'folio' report which is also sorting by 'room-number' and compile data from a different Database table/source. Room numbers, registration data booked in from 'date' to expiry date is reflected in this report.

When I eventually get the first report data to reflect duration properly I will need to find a way to 'reference the second 'folio' reports by room number to get a count of how many days each room number was actually booked for. This combined data will then be used to show the actual duration a patron was parked inside the facility. (Total registration period from the folio - Total Duration spend outside the facility)

I'm using Visual cut to transfer separate data tables from separate sources into one local database and separate tables, which makes it easier to work with when creating the 2 reports.

Is there a way to reference the room number in the folio report from the main report or carry multiple room number (Array, stored variable) to the main report ?
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Mike McCracken

You can't reference data from another report unless you include it in the report as a subreport.

Since you are putting the data into a single database how about using both tables in the report to get the data you need.

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I have tried that but can only use 'room-number' to link them and the data is not the same from the one to the other so when you do this the data is all over the place no matter how you construct it.

I was thinking of including the second report in the main report as a sub report, how will I reference it if I have it in the main report as a subreport ?
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Mike McCracken

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Since I have multiple groups (Room numbers) in the main report and in the subreport will the subreport 'value' populate in each one of the main reports Group headers ?
You will have to put the subreport in the group header by itself.
add a second group header and move what is in the group header to it
Put the subreport in the group header

Thank you for your input, you have always been extremely on the dot with everything. Before I jump into this approach would you mind having a look at my snapshot and actual 'saved' report data.

I have finally figured out to get the duration for daily movements In and out, and want to take/reference the main report with them or visa versa with values 'Parked' and 'Not Parked'

User generated image
Do you think I will be able to do this by having the main report as the Folio data and fill out the 'Skidata movements' and 'Total Duration' by 'carrying from the Subreport (Skidata Movements) based on room number ?

I got it to work by following your Instructions, thank you - RUNS slow as expected by I am happy with the results which is as required.