How to set jar files in classpath

Hi there,

Please help. How do i set jar files in classpath?

Thanks a lot.
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jax79sgConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you did it on the OS level, the compiling would have used them if they are included in the OS CLASSPATH.

I would recommend that you use IDEs such as eclipse.
On Windows you can use following command line. Just append your jar. All java runtimes will refer to this line on top of their own.
set CLASSPATH=myfolder/jar1.jar;myfolder/jar2.jar;myfolder/jar3.jar


When you run the java code.
java -classpath myfolder/jar1.jar myapp.main
zizi21Author Commented:
But when i compile the code, shouldn't i add the jar files as well? Thanks so much.
zizi21Author Commented:
let me install eclipse now ....
zizi21Author Commented:
thanks a lot
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