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TMG 2010 for Publishing

Dear All,

I'm planning to Install TMG 2010 server in our DMZ to publish Exchange, Lync & SharePoint, the TMG will include two NIC's, one connected to Internal network and one to DMZ.

I need to ask, is it better to join the TMG to our internal domain? or keep it workgroup? with details please.

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Joining to the domain will give you much more advantages and flexibility. Just go for domain. You will have a perfect AD integration and control on users account. You can create fine grained rules.
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thanks teomcam,

i will use TMG for publishing only, so still domain member is preferred?

what do you mean about the "fine grained rules"?

You may have some difficulties and may need to look for workaround for authentications as you are going to deploy Sharepoint, Lync and Exchange. Please check following link as it compares both option in detail.
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I agree with teomcam.

Join it to the domain then publish the services. it is a secure scenario.

P.S Done not open not needed ports from DMZ to internal network.
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The TMG include two NIC's, one connected to external and one to internal, my internal DNS server do not solve external names, so do i have to configure the DNS pointing to the external DNS?
Not recommended.... Its better to configure the internal dns to resolve external names
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the internal policy didn't allow us to do this work, so is there a work around for this?
How internal clients resolve external names ?
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through the Proxy (BlueCoat proxy)

TMG needed for publishing only.
If it's for publishing  only no need to resolve external names.... Point it to the internal.dns .
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It's only for publishing exchange, Lync and sharePoint

So is that confirm that no need for internal DNS to solve external names?
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Suliman Abu Kharroub
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