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Adding attachment(s) in Outlook 2007 very slow for some files

Hello Experts!

Its similar to the problem mentioned here:

The users are accessing their Outlook 2007 on a "Terminal Server" Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard SP2.

When the user go "New email" and clicks on "Add attachment" for some files it takes a long time (minutes!) before the file is actually loaded in the mail but for other files its fast.


c:\folder\folder\folder\file1.ext <- fast
c:\folder\folder\folder2\file2.ext <- slow

File 2 is sometimes smaller (in size) than file 1.

After Googling I have done this:

Verified that there are no mapped drives that are not connected.
Verified that Office 2007 SP2 and SP3 are installed.
Defragged the drives (not sure how effective this is considering its a Raid) - used "Contig" to manually defrag some of the pst-files since standard windows defrag would not defrag them.
Ran Chkdsk /f on the drive containing the PST files
Removed all add-ons (there was no AV addon to remove)
Tried to run Outlook in safe mode
Verified that all the users have the same problem
Created a new user with a new Outlook pst file - still same problem

Im now trying to identify if there is a pattern on what type of files are slow but  expert help if possible would be very nice! :)
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Its very hard to find any pattern. In one and the same folder one of the DOC files might get added quickly and the next slow. Same with JPG's - sometimes fast sometimes not. PDF files is the only file-type I've yet to see get loaded fast.


I've also run "scanpst" on a couple of the users just to rule that out (didnt help)

I've also tried to copy some of the files (that gets loaded slowly as attachement) to another destination-folder and then tried to add them. Still slow

The server is ofcourse booted numerous times and it up to date on Windows Updates.

Running out of ideas here.....
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Printers, printers, printers. Typically things like this are always caused by a bad printer driver that is being used on the default printer. They may also have a printer that is not connected anymore that could be causing the issue.

It is crazy how much Office products interact with printers while processing files and doing other task.
Ok, thanks man. I will be trying to remove the printers tomorrow and see if it helps. Somehow I doubt it though since there has been no "movement" in that area and it used to work just fine before.

I'll give it a try though - thanks! :)
We are things like this all the time when a print driver becomes corrupt. You can try removing all the drivers or even just stopping the print spooler as a test.
Unfortunately I can not test this until this weekend. I will post back my results. Thanks again.
"Tried to run Outlook in safe mode"

Does this mean you were able to open outlook in safe mode and test?
Or were you unable to open outlook in safemode?

As Above I would also look at the printers

Its quite possible there is a mapped printer that broken or not responding and is causing the lag

If you cant find any issues with printers aslo look to see if the users have any bad or broken shortcust in My Documents
These have also been knonw to slow adding attachements in outlook 2007

Oterhwise a couple of other things I would look at

Check to see if they users are using cached exchange mode?
If they are turn it off on an affected user and test

Id also look at the users profile in Active Directory
Check to see if they are setup to

Connect Client printers at logon
Connect Client drives at logon
Default to Client printer at logon

If this is the case, turn off the options
Have the user log off and back on
Then test again

"Tried to run Outlook in safe mode" <- What I was trying to say is that the problem is still there when I tried to run in safe mode.

Remember that I have created a new AD user with a brand new Outlook PST file (so no Exchange). This eliminates some of your suggestions. I will look into the others though coming this weekend.

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Downgrading Adobe Reader to 9.x fixed the problem. :)
Downgrading Adobe Reader to 9.x fixed the problem.