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How to run iCloud / FindMyiPhone on an Android Platform?

This is extremely frustrating to not be able to do:

To know where my kids are all the time, I use the FindMyiPhone function of iCloud, and I run this from my PC using Google Chrome as my browser without any issue.

Chrome is my main browser on my mobile (Galaxy S3) and I am unable to run in the mobile browser.  The website reports, "This website is not compatible with this browser".  If I tell Chrome to request the DESKTOP page instead of the mobile page, I get the same thing.  I've also tried with the default stock browser and Opera with the same results.  It seems obvious that Apple intentionally making this incompatible.  Because of this, I am unable to locate my kids using this functionality without going to a desktop or borrowing someone elses iDevice, and that's ridiculous, I mean, I'm trying to keep track of my children's safety and a pissing contest between rivals is preventing this.

Does anyone know of a way to run iCloud on the Android platform?
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Changing the user agent string DID make it work, although it has zoom issues during sign in (Half of the screen showed, but it was enough to get it working).  I found it easier to do the following:

- Install Dolphin Browser HD.
- Install Dolphin Browser Desktop toggle.
- Connect to "" and set to DESKTOP MODE via Desktop Toggle plugin (this requests the full version of the site and not the mobile version).
- Set Zoom Mode to 50% (default is 100%).
- Sign into iCloud and everything works great!  You can even pinch-zoom to zero in on the find-my-iphone results map.

Thanks for the help!  Even though the Dolphin Browser solution worked easier, your solution worked so I'll award points.  What a pain, it seems that they're just doing this to be annoying and CAUSE issues between platforms.  In all honesty, there should be an Android APP for Find-My-i.  I'd be willing to pay for that, but they're just not willing to let this work.  I'd also pay for a FaceTime app to be able to FaceTime apple users....but alas it is not to be, corporate pissing contests.
This solution worked, but another solution in the conversation was a bit easier.