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Prevent logging into Linux Ubuntu 12.04 without password

I have just set-up a new web server using Ubuntu 12.04 and configured it to allow remote connections so that I will be able to configure the machine remotely.  One thing that I have noticed is that for some reason, I am able to connect to the console session of the machine without a password.  This is not good.  If I can connect without a password, that means someone else can.

What do I need to change to make sure that users cannot login to the Linux Ubuntu 12.04 web server without using a password?

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How to connect to session? What account?
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I changed the security setting to confirm each access to the machine.  Without this setting checked off, I seemed to be able to connect to the console session of the machine without specifying any account or password.
Sorry, I am not following what you mean by remote connections - do you mean remote desktop into the server without a password? Can you post a screenshot?
What I was talking about were the Desktop Sharing Preferences.  I did not realize the security implications of allowing others to view the desktop, but checking the box to "Confirm each access to this machine".  Without that checkbox, I was permitting unrestricted access to the box which was obviously a bad thing.
Under Remote Desktop Preferences, have you set a password under the security section?

Is there a reason you want to use remote desktop instead of ssh?
The only reason I am using remote desktop is because I am not comfortable enough to do everything I need to do from the command line with ssh.   I want to be able to use the GUI.
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Can you post your remote desktop setting?
It sounds like you did not have password set on the remote control / view section. Need to check on my lab machine.