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Access 2007 VBA code for formatting Excel output is not working

I recently had my work computer's hard drive replaced and re imaged. A database, that I backed up, that worked before is no longer working properly. The database would output Excel spreadsheets and then format them. I have not changed the vb code, I have only changed computers.
I have had something similar happen before and the solution was to recreate the db and transfer all (tables, queries, forms, etc) from old to new. This solution has not worked this time around.
I have checked the References of the backed up db verses the new db and see no differences.

Has anyone experienced and resolved something of this sort?
Thanks in advance.
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Joe Howard
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Whats not working? If no code will run, I would check if the database is trusted. See this article.
If you want to do it manually see this.
Did not experience such issue.
Try to recreate the issue using a test database, and upload.
Also be sure that the target directory for the Excel spreadsheet is Trusted. I've had issues with that in the past ...
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This was an accidental solution, not one of knowledge. However, the solution will be added to my solution db.