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can't access xenapp website from client machine

Hello Everybody
now i Already installed xenapp 5.0 and create and configure web interface i can access site from xenapp server and run the application .

but when try run application from client machine give me this message :


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Which browser are you using? If it is IE, did you try Compatibility Mode?
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i'll try compatibility mode and inform you Thanks .

No i'm not install citrix receiver on the client machine. and i can't download any thing
from citrix site.
That'll be why it's opening in Notepad then. You need to install the Receiver onto that workstation.
can you provide me external link to receiver compatible with xenapp v 5.0 ???
Which version of Web Interface are you using?
i'm using XenApp 5.0 and web Interface Was included at the same CD. I THINK IT'S WEB INTERFACE 5.0
I can't download anything from citrix site if u can provide me external link to receiver compatible with xenapp 5.0 ???

I am not sure how many versions of Web Interface back the receivers are compatible with so it may be worthwhile trying the legacy online plugin:

Takes you to here:
From teh product CD you can find the Receiver folder , which will provide the client to connect to the citrix application.Copy the Windows folder under and copy it on the Webinterface server and push it using the webinterface to the clients.Refer the below link for the steps to configure it.
Yeah worth a try but rarely worked with earlier versions of XA and WI.
i'll try and feedback you now.
after install reciver give me this error
Did you install the license server components and licenses?
i'm installed License Server but don't configured it until now.
There is no grace period for Citrix licenses I'm afraid - you need to configure your Citrix license server from the start.

Terminal Server/Remote Desktop licensing _does_ give a grace period.
I Think Terminal Server give grace period 120 day.
i don't know what about remote desktop and citrix License.
whatever i'll check it and come back soon . your answers were so helpful and i should give you more than 500 point when the topic is finished.

Thanks for your help and i'll be back to you within two hour.
but there is a big problem in re-install Citrix License or Terminal or RD License ?
So Terminal Server and Remote Desktop Services are one and the same thing - just Terminal Server was renamed to Remote Desktop Services in Windows 2008.

No problem reinstalling either license components (Microsoft RDS or Citrix) but you won't get an additional 120 days grace.

Depending on the size of your implementation, you could put all licensing onto the Citrix server.
dear tony1044
i have license for software " xenapp " not for citrix ???

it's still should configure license server ??
and if not what i'll do ?
Sorry - XenApp is the product and Citrix is the vendor. It is quite usual for us to interchange the words which can be confusing.

So you should have installed the Citrix Licesning components somewhere - if not, you need to do this.

You then need to log onto the license management console and install the license.

Something to bear in mind - the Citrix (XenApp) license is bound to the host name of the server and is case sensitive.

To check - from a command prompt (on the server you've installed the license components onto) type hostname

Make sure that the response matches both in name and case to what you used on the MyCitrix website.
OK i'm installed license server and select my license and accepted
but when try to run any application give me " can't contact license server " 

and in messages of administrator :

Your current browser security settings may prevent you from accessing your published resources or may require your explicit permission to proceed. To access a published resource successfully, save the .ica file locally when prompted and then double-click it to start the published resource.
AND UPof application give me :
an error occured while making request connection ???
Ah try adding the web interface site address into trusted sites.
it's still give me " citrix can't contact license server " ???
check that you have the ports open

27000 lic port
8082   console port
7279   demon port
how can i open it ???
note : i'm installed xenapp and license server at the same server.
And you went onto, created the license file and imported it into the license console for Citrix XenApp?
can you reach the license console?


In Server Configuration validate your configuration like:

license file
status (running or not)

if you have issue with port-
i can't open this : http://host:8082

and this snap from ports
try:   http://localhost:8082
i used to use like this --> SERVER this_host ANY 2700
i know that .
i used my local host with port 8082 but not access
check the services:

At least you should have running the following services

citrix licensing
citrix licensing config service
citrix licensing support service
I have a suggestion. Why not go back to the basics? There are some fundamental issues of installation and learning here I suspect (no offence meant - just being honest) and if, for example, you've installed Web Interface and licensing on the same server there are recommendations to the order etc.

I suggest that you look through here:

Read all seven steps and you should have a working install.
Tony has a good point..

also the parameter that you have is correct mine with ANY not
SERVER this_host HOSTNAME=xenapp1 2700
i didn't found :
citrix licensing config service
citrix licensing support service

in the services !!

but now i can access the application but the message still appear
" citrix xenapp can't contact license server "
when try access application from client give me :

Citrix XenApp license acquisition error (501): Unable to acquire a license from () server. Please contact your system administrator or open Event Viewer for more details.
Now all everything is good and i can run The application from xenapp server and from client machine but i'm still have the message " citrix can't contact license server " but not effect on running Application because citrix still in a grace period.

note : the server name in license is "xenapp1" but the name in the server "xenapp"
i edited in the license file from "xenapp1 to xenapp" .

when i try to open license locally >> http://localhost:8082 don't open.
Renaming the license file won't work. Better to rename the server or get a new file.
i renamed the license file to the right name but still have the same problem
" citrix can't contact license server "
note : i export the file license from citrix site by the netbiose name not full qualified name
i mean i used the name of machine only not with domain name like :

xenapp not