Image resizing to an image Gallery

The whole solution
-Users will upload the images
-The images will be in an image gallery automatic, both for webb and mobile (it can be 2 different)
-the size should be 75x75 for example

I want to use a image gallery, for example

But the sizes of the images will be differnt, because the users should upload them themselfs

Any idea how to handle that?
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Hocke_swedenConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I used, its was the an easy solution when Im programming in classic asp!

I think you have to resize images in the server side, after the upload.
Hocke_swedenAuthor Commented:
I think that too, but any suggest for server side solution?
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In which language? :)
Hocke_swedenAuthor Commented:
Asp or PHP
FinecConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here's a very good PHP image resizer library.
Ishaan RawatConnect With a Mentor Designer | Developer | ProgrammerCommented:
You can also do that with css...!!!

Check this out..
Hocke_swedenAuthor Commented:
Beacause it was the same language I use everywhere else!
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