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floating background

I need to add a hex color to the background. the url of the site you see each row has different colors.

so the hex color for each row i need to stretch out the background color if the screen is larger than the website. so example if the first page has blue for one block then orange the next I need it to show along the side of each row. how would you suggest i do this using different hex colors for a background.?
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This does not make much sense to me, but if you post a link, I might get some idea of what you are referring to.

The way this site is structured, it will be challenging to create the desired effect you want.

So we all understand, it sounds like instead of having a black background he would like a solid color that extends 100% of the width of the page that corresponds with the background color of the content.

I would accomplish this by breaking each color block with a div, but if you inspect the elements, we'll notice that the div are really disorganized making this task possibly more difficult than re-designing the div structure.
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thanks MattWoler<< I was thinking maybe a background image for each page about 1 pixels if so how would I get the image to stretch from left to right. maybe in the body or the main div after.??
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