IIS 7 - DMZ Network

Hello, just some back ground information before i ask the questions, we have a website sitting on a DMZ server outside our network routed through our firewall with access from our lan to the dmz accessible but cannot come back to the lan from the DMZ.

we have configured port forwarding on the firewall to route out to the DMZ network for traffic on port 80 and 443.

i have configured IIS 7 on the DMZ webserver and removed the default site, leaving only my new site and changed the binding to the attached.

However, There are intermittent problems (either only some images download or i get an error BAD REQUEST (Invalid Hostname) when i visit the website on www.mackenziehall.co.uk or just mackenziehall.co.uk and everytime i refresh or (Ctrl f5) it changes.

but https://www.mackenziehall.co.uk seems to be working fine.

can anyone help?

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MHITSupportConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Sorted this, there was an extra rule in the firewall that i missed.
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