Trouble styling a table with rowspan

Trying to style a table like this ugly table::

I am having a problem with the first column using Rowspan and centering the text
vertically between the  first 2 rows

The table i am trying to style:
How can i do this?
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GaryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
<td class="headingrow" style="rowspan="2"; margin-top:30px">Some text

<td class="headingrow" rowspan="2"  style="margin-top:30px">Some text
isnoend2001Author Commented:
thanks  GaryC123, that fixes my bad syntax, but has no effect on the out come
Kim WalkerConnect With a Mentor Web Programmer/TechnicianCommented:
I guess you haven't updated the remote html file. It still has the wrong syntax. But the table you're trying to style doesn't even have two rows for the first column to span.
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But you only have one row. You cannot span a row that doesn't exist
user_nConnect With a Mentor Commented:
to see the code, how the table is done and what css styles are used
isnoend2001Author Commented:
Guess i Have been using frontpage for too many years where you just click the eraser and erase lines to create colspan and rowspan.
I am doing the page locally and did not upload the corrected syntax. my bad. I will be back
isnoend2001Author Commented:
Thanks people Its getting there:
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