Riverbed Steelhead no longer showing up as a peer and is not optimizing traffic

I have five Riverbed Steelheads. One 550H and the HQ and four 250H's at the remote sites. I noticed that one remove site is no longer optimizing traffic and when I look at the peer list, it is missing. How do I add that site back to the peer list and potentially fix the issue with traffic not being optimized?


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surbabu140977Connect With a Mentor Commented:
peering happens through inpath. So first thing to check is if the inpath ip of the lost 250H is reachable from your HQ.

It's normal that if peering goes off then optimization will also stop.

Another possibility is if there is any change in any firewall regarding port 7800 and 7810. If these 2 ports are getting blocked, peering will not come up. (I hope it's ok, because HQ can connect the other 250H's). Check for any change at the site whether they did anything.

These 2 are striking my mind right now.

JustinGSEIWIAuthor Commented:
I am looking at the in path IP of the SH that is having trouble. That is The primary interface IP is I am able to ping both IP's from a server that is at the HQ office. I am assuming that would mean the SH's can talk to each other? I am not sure how else to test that?

I manage the Cisco firewalls and there has been no change in them. I remember when I initially set these things up, they had me make changes to the firewall so that they could auto discover and I left that configuration in place.

Any other thoughts on why they are not peering? All four other SH's are peered together and optimizing fine.


JustinGSEIWIConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I have made some progress. I checked the firewall even though it should of been fine and found the commands missing. I am not sure why they were no longer there but I added them back in and the SH immediately peered with two other offices. I am still waiting for it to peer with the remaining two SH's but I hope the issue is now resolved.

Any thoughts on why only two of the four have peered? Maybe I am just too impatient?


Make sure interesting traffic is generated, then the peering should happen automatically and quickly.

The other possibility I forgot to mention (may be not reqd in this case) was if someone doing passthrough by mistake.

JustinGSEIWIAuthor Commented:
I added the following commands to my ASA to get the SH's to peer again.

policy-map type inspect dns preset_dns_map
409       parameters
410       message-length maximum 4096
411       policy-map global_policy
412       description RiverBed TCP traffic auto discovery rule
413       class inspection_default
414       inspect dns preset_dns_map
415       inspect ftp
416       inspect h323 h225
417       inspect h323 ras
418       inspect rsh
419       inspect rtsp
420       inspect sqlnet
421       inspect skinny
422       inspect sunrpc
423       inspect xdmcp
424       inspect sip
425       inspect netbios
426       inspect tftp
427       class tcp-traffic
428       set connection advanced-options allow-probes
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