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sharepoint remove "Send welcome e-mail to the new users" checkbox when adding a new user to a group

How do I remove "Send welcome e-mail to the new users" checkbox when adding a new user to a group in SharePoint.
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The page that controls this is in Layouts folder under the 12 Hive (as it is known by SharePoint admins). The page name is aclinv.aspx. I recommend creating a copy of the file before making any changes for backup purposes. You will need to modify just one line inside it.Starting at line 190 look for the following code:
Now all we need to change is the line: Checked=”True” to Checked=”False”.
Note: If you have multiple Web Front End Servers make sure that you change the file on all of them.
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I don't want the checkbox unchecked, I want the whole section removed.
I really hate what MS has done here as there is no general setting for that. And modifying OOTB pages for SharePoint is no good idea because you have to remember that on every service pack/cumulative update installation.
As this page and the event afterwards are built-in into SP, you will have to set the value (checked) to false and change the visibility to be hidden (visible = false).
Remove the title of the inputform section and set visible=false to all child controls in this formsection.
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