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In VB.Net, is it possible to rename a dll and reference it with new name?

Hi Experts.   In VB.Net, is it possible to rename a dll, reference it in your program with the new name and then use it in the normal way?   I have tried it and it seems to work OK.   I'm just wondering if there is some reason why it might fail at some point.  Thanks for your help.
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Although possible, if you didn't build the dll, I would recommend against re-naming it.  It may work today, but next year when a microsoft update breaks and you can't figure out why, it may cause you headaches to find out that renaming is no longer supported.  Just a thought.

Of course, if you have the code, just rebuild it and redeploy the dll file.
If it is a .NET dll, open the source code project in Visual Studio.  In the Menu Bar, click on Project -> [Project name] Properties.  Click the 'Application' tab on the left-hand side, and change the Assembly name and Root Namespace as you please.

the Assembly name is the file name for the DLL, and Root Namespace is the namespace path of the code in the DLL (e.g., what you would have to type if using an Imports (VB) or using (C#) statement).  Note that if you change the Root Namespace, you will have to change your current code that accesses this DLL.

After changing those, simply save the project and rebuild it, then add the new DLL as a reference in your other project(s).
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Hi, thanks for your replies. With your second answer, I cant actually open the dll in VS so I'm assuming that's what I should do if I have the source code?   I don't so I suppose the only way would be to try and decompile it?
Are you renaming the dll FILE and then referencing that file? In that case, I don't see any problem.
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Hi, yes I am renaming a original dll file and then referencing that dll by the new name in my program.   I was just wondering if that would cause a problem
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